What We Offer

Top Commissions

Independent agents earn competitive commissions and may be eligible for profit-sharing. Our commissions are fair, market-dependent and designed to increase as you grow your book of business with us

Profit Sharing

When you work with Advantage Partners Network, you own 100 percent of the business you write. We want to see you achieve your full potential, which is why we offer the ability to earn carrier profit sharing, bonuses, and incentives.

Competitive Carriers

We have cultivated long-term relationships with the most competitive major market insurance carriers. The process of procuring insurance carrier appointments can be a notoriously daunting process, which is why we provide you with the access necessary to make for a successful experience.

100% Agent Ownership

While many groups require you to sign a long-term contract, pay fees or a buy-out agreement, YOU own 100 percent of your business when you join and write with Advantage Partners. We assist agents on their path of success, allowing each to reach their full potential. We will never require unattainable production requirements.

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Working with wholesalers is never an easy task, however working with you and your office has been an absolute pleasure. Never has the ease of doing business with a wholesaler been easier than with Advantage. We thank you for your help, professionalism and over all friendliness to be accommodating and working us through the policies that we have put through your office. Thank you again on behalf of Friedman & Friedman.” -Patricia Knight, Friedman & Friedman