Make the best insurance marketing plan for your insurance agency networks.

From social media marketing to blogging to emails and article publishing, insurance agents are always looking to utilize high impact and highly relevant content. When working with insurance agency networks, your business will want to produce quality content to attract and retain clients.

Check out these simple tips to help your agency follow the best practices when it comes to content marketing!

Captivate Your Audience

Write about insurance industry updates, changes to regulations, useful information and more. No one will read something that sounds positively dull (and is!).

Be Clear

If you’re targeting commercial markets, write in a formal style. Better yet, use bullet points when possible to cut down the information into bite-sized chunks.

Know Your Market

Write to and about your audience. What are their FAQs? What could affect them in the near future? Staying ahead of the game and publishing information that’s relevant and wanted will help the content speak to your desired audience.

Be the Expert

Share information in such a way to convey industry experience, without ‘selling’ per se.  Establish your online rapport by letting customers know that you’re there when they need insurance fulfillment.

Mix It Up!

Make the most of your digital platform! Post blogs, articles, use images, video, infographics, and recorded webinars to appeal to more clients.

Compelling and consistent digital content helps insurance agency networks to engage prospects and make the most of your marketing! Now that your insurance agency is up to scratch with marketing, get your business going! Join the insurance agency network, Advantage Partner Network to join the team of top-tier professionals!