Every insurance agency starts out small. But how does it affect your agency network?   

It’s safe to say that there isn’t a shortage in the number of people yet to be insured. The population is growing as steadily as ever. As the average size of the agency increases, the average age of clients is likely to increase as well. With some forward thinking carriers, young people are opening up to new agencies rather than going for the giants in agency networks. This is a win for smaller agencies who are striving for more clients so that they can grow.

Is a bigger insurance business better? While larger agencies get more options and bigger deals with partners, almost all of these agencies start out as a solo agent. The agencies that now dominate the insurance industry have access to national and local networks, ensuring that their agency’s income thrives and the value grows instantly.

If your agency, whether you’re a captive agent or an existing independent agent, wants to tap into this source that big businesses take advantage of, it’s time to think about expanding your company. The chances are, you would gain customers and access to products that you wouldn’t on your own. In turn, your business and clients would see a huge return on investment.

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