Insurance agents are employees that are agents that sell products to people. The products can be property insurance, casualty insurance, life insurance, healthcare insurance, disability insurance and casualty insurance. Other products they can sell are financial products. Insurance Agents are usually working for a company that provides them with the information and products. They only go back to one company and provide buyers for one company.

Independent insurance agents go back to a lot of companies or carries and sell what the company needs them to sell. At times they would be given a number of minimum clients that they to sell to. There are no newbies in independent insurance agents, like how normal insurance agents accept them. They need to be very professional and understand all the tasks, laws and any other objective that comes their way. Therefore, they may get more jobs at one might because all companies know that independent insurance agents are professionals and good at what they do. However, at times they do look for insurance medians that help them get more providers. This is one of the main differences between an independent insurance agent and an insurance agent.


Unlike insurance agents, independent insurance agents work for you. They will make sure they keep in mind your best interest not the companies. This is what allows them to make more money at the end of the month. They are also given an option to represent more than one client at a time, meaning selling more than one objective at a time. This is a huge impact for them which will lead to a huge pay day as well. While insurance agents will just work for that company and nothing else, also their paycheck will always stay the same unless they got a raise. The main reason insurance agents become independent insurance agents is because of the reason mentioned above (carries) ; they believe they should thrive to their full potential and this will not happen in one company with the same pay rate for year. Thus, they leave the company and start their own independent business. If the agent does succeed, he or she will most likely be one of the world top independent agents and love their job!

Freedom of choice

Another important aspect of an independent insurance agent is the freedom that comes with it. These type of agents are not built on any company or must go have somewhere at the end of the day. They are built upon themselves to make the business path they have always wanted to thrive in. thus they can pick and choose what clients they want and what products they want to sell. No more taking products without actually thinking there a good deal. However, insurance agents must take any product that is thrown on them since that is there job. And some workers might actually hate their job at one point, therefore they could never succeed the way an independent agent does.