Social media can be a great tool for your network insurance agency in Florida.

With the rise of technology, people of people are taking their business online. Gone are the days of self-advertising in newspapers and handing out flyers – social media is the way forward for any network insurance agency in Florida and across America. Upholding a digital presence allows your business to connect with real people in more areas, increasing your client range!

If you’re looking to grow your business to business (B2B) marketing, check out the following ways in which social media can impact your success.

Your website is your base.
Before you engage in social media, you should have a company website that is completely up to date with the latest requirements. This means that your web pages should be mobile friendly. Smartphones and Mobiles are everywhere, and people are using them more often. If your website takes minutes to load or comes up as the standard Desktop View on a mobile screen, you’re not likely to impress guests.

Get your business blogging.
Having a blog is very helpful, but not necessary if you’re limited for time. Blogging allows you to provide useful information to your clients and other businesses. Through this, you drive more traffic to your blog, therefore website, allowing you to collect more business.

Stay consistent.
There’s little point creating a LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter profile if your business is never going to use it. You should consistently engage with your audience, posting relevant and appropriate information. Twitter hosts a broad range of users and is more business-friendly than Facebook, which tends to be a casual, personal platform. When you post on either of these platforms, always link back to your website so that users can easily access your business.

As an independent insurance agent, do you need help finding the right resources to reach greater success? Contact the network insurance agency in Florida, serving the nation’s insurance agents with the tools that they need to reach new heights!