Knowing what your challenging clients wants and needs are can help you to retain their business.

Every business and industry has them – the difficult clients that have unique requirements. Whether they criticize your practices, ask the same questions, or are slow to pay, challenging customers are everywhere. With the good comes the bad, and although you may want to never speak to these clients, it’s better to know them if you can. Simply taking the time to understand what he or she wants can save you a world of time (and frustration!).

Implement these top tips to help your insurance agency keep the business from difficult clients:

Let your customers communicate how they feel.
In other words, grin and bear it. Allowing your customers time and space to “vent” is often all they need to help move forward towards resolution. Once they have finished expressing their feelings, apologize for their unhappiness and conflict towards your business – even if you don’t feel that they were let down. This is simply showing that you support them in their role as a customer.

Listen and understand their viewpoint.
Sometimes agreeing with a client who’s displeased will only add fuel to the fire. Acknowledge their position but shift the conversation forward to reach a resolution. If possible, offer an explanation for their unhappiness (not an excuse for it) and show a willingness to help. This way, customers are more likely to embrace your support instead of shunning your business.

Fix the problem at hand immediately.
If you can provide an immediate response to the problem at hand, do it. This may mean breaking your own rules every now and again, but sustaining a happy client is better than losing revenue because of policies. If a resolution cannot be reached immediately, make plans to rebuild the bridge so that your customer recognizes assistance and valued customer service.

The reality is that problems will occur. There will be people who’ll complain, but your business is still able to move forward! Training your employees to handle customers is certainly a move towards greater success in the future.

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