Does money or the service rule your clients? Here’s how an independent insurance agent network can help.

The art of closing is like a fine wine: all about balance, has complexity, and is difficult to grasp. Like wine, closing takes many years to perfect, but is oh-so-enjoyable when experiencing it. Just ask insurance agents. An independent insurance agent network works to close on the best coverage options for clients. With a skillful closer, the sale will be complete.

There will forever be clients that focus on cost more so than the value of what they are buying into. Asking the right questions to a client about risk and solutions can help you to determine if they are a Cost-Conscious or a Value-Orientated client.

Of course, a cohesive presentation template is essential to winning over any client. It must prompt agents to ask questions about what’s important to each individual client. How much risk they’re willing to accept for their assets, and if a balance is best for them. Asking questions about acceptable risk and offering solutions tailored to your client’s answers eliminate the price objection almost every time because you’re selling on value, not on cost.

Their own answers to your questions make them aware that they need much more than the basic liability. Enter your sales pitch! Identifying risk tolerance and offering solutions allow you to offer a valuable package. This shouldn’t be a bare-bones policy, but it also shouldn’t cost more than what they seem willing to handle. A more comprehensive insurance program is where the extra cost (and value) is coming from!

This is where the network insurance agency comes into play! Advantage Partners Network can guide independent insurance agents in boosting their business offering training to sell to clients with money on the mind. A professional hand in pointing agents in the right direction is incredibly valuable. Contact us today to get started.