Learn How a Data Breach Affects Your Business in Terms of Cost

Find out what you need to know about data breaches and how they affect your business.

When it comes to your business, it’s important that you have the latest security measures in place. You need adequate security to protect your company assets as well as avoid any data breaches. In today’s digital world, digital security is of the utmost concern. Should any data be compromised, your business could be held liable. Ensure that you’re well informed about the risks of a data breach. Learn how a data breach can affect your business.

Complex Costs of a Data Breach.

When it comes to a data breach, it’s important that you have the tools that you need to recover. When calculating loss after a breach, it’s not a simple process. When it comes to the data breach, losses are not based on a linear model. While often losses are calculated by reporting an average, it’s important that you analyze how the cost varies dependent on the information that as lost.

Analyzing the Cost of Data Breach.

When it comes to analyzing and calculating the cost of a breach, there are various factors.  Cost is dependent upon a variety of factors including the type of information that was stolen and how many records were compromised. The cost of these breaches can vary if medical records or credit card information is leaked, for example. It’s important to determine how such factors affect the cost. The size of the organization is irrelevant when it comes to the cost of the breach.

Ensure that you take the necessary steps to run a secure and successful insurance business. With the right tools and guidance from Advantage Partners Network, your insurance agency can take off. A professional hand in pointing agents in the right direction allows your business to perfect procedures and maneuver around obstacles. Contact us today to get started.

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How To Deal with Difficult Clients, from Your Provider of Insurance Agency Network in Florida

Difficult clients are part of your business – regardless of what industry you’re in.

Every business and industry has them – the clients that make you cringe when you see their caller ID. Whether they criticize your practices, ask the same questions, or are slow to pay, difficult customers are everywhere. With the good comes the bad, and although you may want to never speak to these clients, it’s better to know them if you can.

Keep the peace – and your sanity! – by implementing these tips when dealing with challenging clients:

Let your customers communicate how they feel.
In other words, grin and bear it. Allowing your customers time and space to “vent” is often all they need to help move forward towards resolution. Once they have finished expressing their feelings, apologize for their unhappiness and conflict towards your business – even if you don’t feel that they were let down. This is simply showing that you support them in their role as a customer.

Listen and understand their viewpoint.
Sometimes agreeing with a client who’s displeased will only add fuel to the fire. Acknowledge their position but shift the conversation forward to reach a resolution. If possible, offer an explanation for their unhappiness (not an excuse for it) and show a willingness to help. This way, customers are more likely to embrace your support instead of shunning your business.

Fix the problem at hand immediately.
If you can provide an immediate response to the problem at hand, do it. This may mean breaking your own rules every now and again, but sustaining a happy client is better than losing revenue because of policies. If a resolution cannot be reached immediately, make plans to rebuild the bridge so that your customer recognizes assistance and valued customer service.

The reality is that problems will occur. There will be people who’ll complain, but your business is still able to move forward! Training your employees to handle customers is certainly a move towards greater success in the future.

As an insurance agency network, you may be looking for guidance on your next move in the industry. Get set up today by contacting Advantage Partners Network for insurance agency network in Florida, New York, New Jersey, Arizona, and neighboring states.

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Taking a Call? Use These Tips for Cell Phone Safety While Driving!

You should think twice before using your cell phone before driving. If you do use it, consider these tips for cell phone safety while driving! 

Are you notorious for calling and driving? This is multitasking at its finest – and also highly dangerous. Studies have shown that driving while talking on a cell phone is dangerous and puts drivers at four times greater risk of a crash.You may think you have it all in hand, but even taking a hands-free call diverts some, if not all, of your attention to the phone call. The simple act of talking on a cell phone actually decreases the quality of visual information received and processed by the brain. Talk more and you see less!

While you should refrain from answering calls while driving, if you absolutely must take it, follow these tips for cell phone safety while driving:

Keep calls short: Drivers increasingly lose focus during lengthy cell phone calls. If you must answer the phone, keep the call to under five minutes, if not seconds!

Get to know your phone: Use voice-assist to listen to your voicemail and send texts instead of doing it manually – taking your eyes and hands off the wheel is not a good idea!

Don’t look at caller ID: Most cell phones can now be programmed to provide different ring tones for the people in your directory, such as family and friends.

Get assistance: Many smartphones now have some sort of voice assistant, meaning that you can dictate a texted response to the caller saying, “I’m driving, I’ll call you when I’ve stopped!” so that you can keep driving and stay safe!

Let it go to voicemail: More often than not, calls aren’t essential to pick up right away. If a call comes in, don’t pick up and let the caller leave a voicemail message.

Never text and drive: This requires a lot of distracted attention as well as steering your eyes away from the road. There’s no reason to sugarcoat it: Texting while driving is a deadly idea!

From the insurers at Advantage Partners Network, we hope that you stay safe on the roads while conducting business! For all of your insurance agency network needs across the nation, contact us today!

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Tips to Create a Marketing Plan for Your Insurance Agency

Map out your marketing plan to move your agency forward.

If you were to plan a 2-week hiking trip, would you head out without a map, general directions, or knowledge of where you’re going? Unless you’re a wandering traveler, you probably wouldn’t leave without some substantial research of the area. Similarly, business owners shouldn’t start their business without some sort of marketing plan. After all, your business will grow and thrive with the extra clients your marketing attracts!

If you’re a small business owner or an independent insurance agent, your marketing plan should be used as a compass to lead your business’s day-to-day activities. To get you started on creating a marketing plan for your insurance agency, here are the top tips!

  1. Evaluate your company’s current situation.
    Analyze your 2015 marketing sales and revenue trends. Assess how your company overcame challenges, how you could have handled difficulties better, and where the closing rate could be improved. Learning from mistakes and hurdles is a major part of what makes a business better!
  2. Analyze your 2015 marketing trends.
    Check out your website traffic from last year, as well as over the past few months. If you see a high rate of traffic but few leads and even fewer customers, it’s time to switch up your processes.
  3. Define your company’s vision.
    Where do you picture your company in 2017? Write a description of what, ideally, your business would look like 12 months from now. Be specific and don’t be afraid to dream big (but stay realistic!).
  4. Research your target market.
    Appealing to the right people is important; making the right product appealing to the right people is essential for a successful service. You should determine what audience you need to target, such as age, sex, family composition, earnings, geographic location, and lifestyle. Narrowing down your target market will be a guide to planning your media and public relations campaigns.
  5. Develop marketing communication strategies and tactics that you’ll use.
    This section is the heart and soul of your marketing plan. Now that you’ve outlined what your marketing you must accomplish and identified your best prospects, it’s now time to detail the tactics that you’ll use to accomplish your goals! 

Now that your independent insurance agency knows how to kick off its marketing, continue gathering the tools that you need to success. Get started by securing your insurance agency network in Florida, New York, New Jersey, and Arizona by giving Advantage Partners Network a call today!

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How Technology & Insurance Agency Network in New York Can Support the Insurance Agent

It’s no secret that the rise of technology and reliable insurance network agency in New York can help you build a successful business.

The insurance industry has seen a tremendous amount of change in the recent years: from revised legislations to the evolution of technology. As digital communication and our insurance agency network in New York continues to evolve, the role of the insurance agent bends and sways with the changes.

Gone are the days where insurance agents were advertising in newspapers and handing out flyers on the street. The Internet is a new playing field that can launch any dedicated and motivated agent into success! These professionals should take advantage of the possibilities in this digital era that can advantage their business in more ways than one. Check out some of the ways that the top tech can help independent insurance agents:

Attracting Customers
One of the most important elements of success as an insurance agent is attracting customers. After all, this is how your business grows. More than ever before, agents can connect to potential clients through websites and a social media presence. The realms of the Internet generate leads!

Staying Organized
Tech helps agents and managers to stay organized. Not only does this tend to reduce stress, but it increases focus and efficiency in work situations. In turn, this can generate more business for the insurance agent! Try downloading web-based calendars, smartphone meeting reminders, project management tools, file sharing, or online meeting tools today!

Leverage Data
One of the biggest benefits that insurance agents can reap from technology is the concept of big data. Collected statistics on the population allow insurance agencies to drive their decision making for customers at all levels, strategically targeting clients and operating more efficiently overall!

Are you ready to boost your career as an independent insurance agent? Use this tech and get ideal insurance agency network in New York by calling Advantage Partners Network, serving the entire U.S., today!

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What Advantage Partners Network, Insurance Agency Network in New York, is All About!

Advantage Partners Network is a reliable insurance agency network in New York and across the nation for your needs.

We are proud to welcome you to our blog page, one that will be full of useful information, fun advice, and material about our how our insurance agency network in New York and throughout the country can aid you.

Let’s jump right in to explain what Advantage Partners Network is all about!

Advantage Partners is dedicated to the independent agent who needs access to the top insurance carrier markets in order to build their client base and retain their valued customers. That’s where we come in, with our insurance agency network. As professionals in the insurance market, we also provide each independent agent with the training, websites, and other tools and resources they need so that each agent can offer outstanding customer service.

In turn, we set up independent agents to thrive in such a competitive market, whether they are a former captive agent, start-up agent, or an experienced agent. As a trusted resource for access to agency appointment, major markets, and our insurance agency network, we work with you to achieve greater success!

So, we welcome you to join in our blog, opt for monthly updates, and find out more about our services.

From Advantage Partners Network, welcome!

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