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13Nov, 2018 0
Sell Insurance Based on Value

How to Sell Insurance Based on Value Instead of Price

Find out how to best sell insurance based on value instead of the dollar amount. Almost anyone can sell insurance on price alone. However, when it comes to educating the public about the value of insurance, many agents struggle. A professional insurance salesperson must be able to connect with prospects and help them understand why…

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12Apr, 2018 0

What it means to be an Independent Insurance Agent

Insurance agents are employees that are agents that sell products to people. The products can be property insurance, casualty insurance, life insurance, healthcare insurance, disability insurance and casualty insurance. Other products they can sell are financial products. Insurance Agents are usually working for a company that provides them with the information and products. They only…

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12Feb, 2018 0

High Net Worth Clients

The high net worth (HNW) insurance market is a lucrative and rapidly growing segment of the insurance industry. Although the percentage of HNW clients continues to grow, approximately 70 percent of HNW individuals have coverage in standard markets. They are often underinsured or have inadequate coverage with carriers who are not familiar with the affluent…

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13Jul, 2017 0
Agency Network Retention Strategies

Easy Methods to Satisfy Your Customers

Does your agency network need some customer retention help? Every agent understands that retention is necessary to build and maintain a successful insurance agency. Even small boosts in customer retention will grow long-term profit immensely, as well as improving your reputation. As many insurers realize, it costs more to get new customers than to keep…

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22Jun, 2017 0
Network Insurance Agency in Florida Social Media

How Social Media Impacts B2B

Social media can be a great tool for your network insurance agency in Florida. With the rise of technology, people of people are taking their business online. Gone are the days of self-advertising in newspapers and handing out flyers – social media is the way forward for any network insurance agency in Florida and across…

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15Jun, 2017 0
Start Your Insurance Agency Right

How to Start Your Agency Right With These Tips

Ready to open your insurance agency? Use these tips to start off on the right foot. For entrepreneurs, even beginners, getting into a new business venture is a complicated process. Due to this, you need to start with the basics and work your way up from there. To get your insurance agency going on the…

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8Jun, 2017 0
Modernize Your Insurance Agency Brand

How to Modernize Your Insurance Agency Brand

Use these tips for modernizing your insurance agency brand. Any business owner these days will understand that it must keep up to date with trends, customer wants and needs, and technology to remain successful. When the dawn of the Internet arrived, it changed the way that people and businesses interact and market. While this was…

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25May, 2017 0
Welcome New Insurance Clients

How Best to Welcome New Insurance Clients

Easy tips to welcome new insurance clients into your agency. You aren’t done making a good impression after your prospects sign on the dotted line. In fact, now is the time when you need to step up your game. Now that they’ve purchased a policy, it’s time to make them feel like they’re part of…

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23May, 2017 0
Types of Customers Agent

There Are Three Types of Customers – Here’s How to Handle Them

Is your insurance agency ready to handle these types of customers? In the insurance world, you get to know a lot of different types of customers. When you start off in the industry, you may even be led to believe that no two personalities are the same. Once you become established, you’ll learn that there…

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18May, 2017 0
Independent Insurance Agent Network

Join an Independent Insurance Agent Network to Improve Communications

Your independent insurance agent network can help your team to create a relationship that lasts. When it comes to engaging with clients, insurers are at something of a disadvantage. Unlike retailers, insurance companies have traditionally been limited to their interactions with customers. This often takes the form of a renewal notice, a bill in the…

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