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12Feb, 2018 0

High Net Worth Clients

The high net worth (HNW) insurance market is a lucrative and rapidly growing segment of the insurance industry. Although the percentage of HNW clients continues to grow, approximately 70 percent of HNW individuals have coverage in standard markets. They are often underinsured or have inadequate coverage with carriers who are not familiar with the affluent…

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8Jan, 2018 0

Advantages of being an Independent Insurance Agent

Once you have decided to pursue a career as an insurance agent, you have to decide if being a captive agent or an independent agent is right for you. Both have pros and cons, but choosing a career as an independent insurance agent typically offers a few more advantages. Independence– Being an independent insurance agent…

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27Jul, 2017 0
Productivity Tips Team Management

Tips to Improve Productivity

Achieve high team productivity with simple tips!  Every business wants a team of productive staff. However, successfully running a productive team can be a very challenging task. The best companies in the world (Apple and Google, to name a couple) are successful because they build on incredible teams. So, if you’re a team leader, you…

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18Jul, 2017 0
Protect Your Brand’s Reputation

How to Protect Your Brand’s Reputation for Reliability

Strategic tools to protect your brand’s reputation for reliability! Anyone in business will know that it takes years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think that in just a few moments of handling a situation badly, you could lose a client forever, we’re sure that you would do things…

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11Jul, 2017 0
Size in Agency Networks

Is Size Important for Agency Networks?

Every insurance agency starts out small. But how does it affect your agency network?   It’s safe to say that there isn’t a shortage in the number of people yet to be insured. The population is growing as steadily as ever. As the average size of the agency increases, the average age of clients is…

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13Jun, 2017 0
Email Mistakes Insurance Agencies

Avoid Making These Insurance Marketing Email Mistakes

Avoid these common email marketing mistakes that insurance agencies make. Do you know what is the most common activity that people do on their smartphone? No, it’s not checking Facebook or browsing the web – it’s checking their email. Not only is email one of the most popular apps used by the modern consumer, but…

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6Jun, 2017 0
How to Build Customer Loyalty Through an Independent Insurance Agent Network

Easy Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

Nurture your current customers into loyal clients through an independent insurance agent network. Every business knows that acquiring customers is good, but securing loyal clients is better. Believe it or not, but it costs six to seven times more to obtain new customers than it does to retain current ones. It’s easier said than done…

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1Jun, 2017 0
Company Benefits By Giving Back

Why Your Company Benefits from Donating

Your agency benefits from giving back to the community and society. Whenever a business gives back to the community, it could be entitled to significant benefits. While you give to the community with no expectations of receiving something in return, your company benefits from giving back, simply because of the generous act. Charitable acts are…

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27Apr, 2017 0
Commercial Insurance

The Summer Companies That Should Carry Commercial Insurance

Why these summer businesses need commercial insurance. Summer is right around the corner. The presence of warm weather brings the opportunity for new and exciting companies. Even though new and seasonal businesses believe they are exempt from needing protection, this is not the case. Being prepared is key to surviving disasters. Following are three summer…

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20Apr, 2017 0
Business Auto Insurance Symbols

The Business Auto Insurance Symbols You Need to Know

Do you know the key symbols for business auto insurance? Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a beginner in the industry, knowing your stuff is imperative. With more and more businesses on the move, knowing the ins and outs of business auto insurance becomes essential. Part of this is recognizing and understanding the symbols. The…

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