Use These Tips to Make the Most of Social Media!

Is your business implementing the top marketing tool?

Insurance agents are tasked with a unique challenge: they must develop a local brand identity while enhancing the customer experience. While the tech business grows, plenty of businesses are taking their company online to build and maintain solid relationships.

Start Simple

Every business should begin by making a killer website, along with cohesive social media accounts. Begin with Facebook and Twitter to reach local and nation-wide followers, as well as implementing a blog on your website to gain authority in your industry.

Have a Regular Schedule

Dedicate to posting a blog a week or posting on social media every other day. There’s a fine line between being engaging with your following and posting too much that it becomes unnecessary and ignored. Social media is about nurturing relationships, and is best when it’s used conversationally.

Implement Additional Tools

Look for tools that can make managing your social media presence easy and effective. Basics tools should include the ability to schedule content in advance and post to social media platforms from one place. When you’re able to see analytics of how your social media posting is affecting your audience, you’re able to better analyze your methods of communication.

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Tips to Create an Insurance Marketing Plan

Make the best insurance marketing plan for your insurance agency networks.

From social media marketing to blogging to emails and article publishing, insurance agents are always looking to utilize high impact and highly relevant content. When working with insurance agency networks, your business will want to produce quality content to attract and retain clients.

Check out these simple tips to help your agency follow the best practices when it comes to content marketing!

Captivate Your Audience

Write about insurance industry updates, changes to regulations, useful information and more. No one will read something that sounds positively dull (and is!).

Be Clear

If you’re targeting commercial markets, write in a formal style. Better yet, use bullet points when possible to cut down the information into bite-sized chunks.

Know Your Market

Write to and about your audience. What are their FAQs? What could affect them in the near future? Staying ahead of the game and publishing information that’s relevant and wanted will help the content speak to your desired audience.

Be the Expert

Share information in such a way to convey industry experience, without ‘selling’ per se.  Establish your online rapport by letting customers know that you’re there when they need insurance fulfillment.

Mix It Up!

Make the most of your digital platform! Post blogs, articles, use images, video, infographics, and recorded webinars to appeal to more clients.

Compelling and consistent digital content helps insurance agency networks to engage prospects and make the most of your marketing! Now that your insurance agency is up to scratch with marketing, get your business going! Join the insurance agency network, Advantage Partner Network to join the team of top-tier professionals!

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Steps to Create a Happy and Healthy Workforce!

Retain your top talent by helping them to stay happy and healthy in their current role.

If you’re looking to keep your top talent and hardest working employees, you may be tempted to give them a raise. Even so, the adage is right: money doesn’t buy happiness. These days, bonuses and paid days off aren’t enough to keep employees happy. Many studies have shown that employees with high job satisfaction are less likely to look around for another agency position.

If your team of employees needs a little help to feel happier in their place of work, check out these tips!

Make work-life balance a priority: Make a positive experience by working with your employees to accomplish their goals. If they need to work a split shift or telecommute a couple of days a week, working with their schedule allows them to gain a better work-life balance.

Keep in communication: Businesses should take steps to create spaces where employees can easily communicate and share ideas. Casual conversations can become collaborative ideas!

Help them to become healthier: Health and work productivity go hand in hand. Set your team up for success by providing health incentives and options. Add a fresh fruit bowl, healthy granola bars, and water bottles in the kitchen, and encourage your team to get fit. In turn, you’ll see their happiness and productivity increase.

Ask for their input. No employee likes to feel replaceable. Show your team that they’re valuable by asking for their input. You could even follow through on a sales idea that they suggest. You’ll be creating a better work environment as well as appreciating your team! When employees feel empowered in their place of work, they’re less likely to leave it.

Here’s to a happier, more positive work environment! For all of your network needs, be sure to contact Advantage Partners Network today!

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How to Deal with Challenging Clients

Knowing what your challenging clients wants and needs are can help you to retain their business.

Every business and industry has them – the difficult clients that have unique requirements. Whether they criticize your practices, ask the same questions, or are slow to pay, challenging customers are everywhere. With the good comes the bad, and although you may want to never speak to these clients, it’s better to know them if you can. Simply taking the time to understand what he or she wants can save you a world of time (and frustration!).

Implement these top tips to help your insurance agency keep the business from difficult clients:

Let your customers communicate how they feel.
In other words, grin and bear it. Allowing your customers time and space to “vent” is often all they need to help move forward towards resolution. Once they have finished expressing their feelings, apologize for their unhappiness and conflict towards your business – even if you don’t feel that they were let down. This is simply showing that you support them in their role as a customer.

Listen and understand their viewpoint.
Sometimes agreeing with a client who’s displeased will only add fuel to the fire. Acknowledge their position but shift the conversation forward to reach a resolution. If possible, offer an explanation for their unhappiness (not an excuse for it) and show a willingness to help. This way, customers are more likely to embrace your support instead of shunning your business.

Fix the problem at hand immediately.
If you can provide an immediate response to the problem at hand, do it. This may mean breaking your own rules every now and again, but sustaining a happy client is better than losing revenue because of policies. If a resolution cannot be reached immediately, make plans to rebuild the bridge so that your customer recognizes assistance and valued customer service.

The reality is that problems will occur. There will be people who’ll complain, but your business is still able to move forward! Training your employees to handle customers is certainly a move towards greater success in the future.

As an insurance agency network, you may be looking for guidance on your next move in the industry. Get set up today by contacting Advantage Partners Network for an insurance agency network that suits you!

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Tailor Your Services to Your Client’s Needs – Learn About What Clients Expect to Provide the Right Services

Find out what clients expect from your insurance agency.

When it comes to selling insurance, there are certain things that consumers have come to expect. It’s important to understand what customers expect so that you’re best able to deliver. That way you meet expectations and can further business relationships. Determine what people expect so that you can adjust your business practices to meet these expectations. Here’s what you need to know.

Industry Expertise.

As an insurance professional, your clients expect you to be an expert in your field. From answering questions to handling an insurance claim, people expect you to be knowledgeable and professional.

A Wealth of Information.

People expect trustworthy, accurate, and reliable insurance information from your agency. Ensure that you have the latest information so that clients and potential clients have the resources that they need to understand their insurance coverage.

Insurance Quotes.

People expect that you provide insurance quotes so that they’re able to shop around for the best deals possible. Give your customers and potential customers the most accurate quotes possible. Additionally, it’s important that you clearly explain what each policy entails to avoid any confusion or miscommunication.


Once you sell insurance to a customer, they expect you to be there for you. If they should have a question or need assistance filing a claim, your clients expect that you’re readily available. They expect that you’ll be able to assist as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When it comes to your insurance agency, ensure that you create the right environment that your clients expect. With the right tools and guidance from Advantage Partners Network, your insurance agency can take off. A professional hand in pointing agents in the right direction allows your business to perfect procedures and maneuver around obstacles. Contact us today to get started.

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Learn How a Data Breach Affects Your Business in Terms of Cost

Find out what you need to know about data breaches and how they affect your business.

When it comes to your business, it’s important that you have the latest security measures in place. You need adequate security to protect your company assets as well as avoid any data breaches. In today’s digital world, digital security is of the utmost concern. Should any data be compromised, your business could be held liable. Ensure that you’re well informed about the risks of a data breach. Learn how a data breach can affect your business.

Complex Costs of a Data Breach.

When it comes to a data breach, it’s important that you have the tools that you need to recover. When calculating loss after a breach, it’s not a simple process. When it comes to the data breach, losses are not based on a linear model. While often losses are calculated by reporting an average, it’s important that you analyze how the cost varies dependent on the information that as lost.

Analyzing the Cost of Data Breach.

When it comes to analyzing and calculating the cost of a breach, there are various factors.  Cost is dependent upon a variety of factors including the type of information that was stolen and how many records were compromised. The cost of these breaches can vary if medical records or credit card information is leaked, for example. It’s important to determine how such factors affect the cost. The size of the organization is irrelevant when it comes to the cost of the breach.

Ensure that you take the necessary steps to run a secure and successful insurance business. With the right tools and guidance from Advantage Partners Network, your insurance agency can take off. A professional hand in pointing agents in the right direction allows your business to perfect procedures and maneuver around obstacles. Contact us today to get started.

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Thinking of Selling Life Insurance? Learn How It Can Benefit You

Find out how it pays to become a life insurance agent.

There seem to be insurance policies for everything. From homeowners insurance to shark insurance, insurance policies range from commonplace to obscure. However, perhaps one policy in particular that applies to all clients is life insurance. At one point or another, everyone needs a life insurance policy. Not only is it a common policy type, but offering life insurance can benefit you as an agent. Check out these ways that offering life insurance benefits you.

Easy Qualification.

As a life insurance agent, there aren’t many requirements to obtain your certification. As long as you have a high school diploma, you’re usually able to qualify to sell life insurance. It’s a profitable industry that requires very little educational investment. Additionally, the job market favors life insurance agents. There are lots of available jobs in the life insurance industry.

Monetary Rewards.

At one point or another, most people are going to need life insurance. Life insurance offers one of the highest commission rates in the industry. Selling life insurance allows you to make a fair amount of commission.  Plus, this commission offers passive income. Since some life insurance policies require the insured to pay premiums through the duration of their lives, agents receive passive income. In addition to the initial commission, you also get paid renewal commissions. That means that you’re able to continue to earn money for years to come.

Start on your career as a life insurance agent. With the right tools and guidance from Advantage Partners Network, your insurance agency can take off. A professional hand in pointing agents in the right direction allows your business to perfect procedures and maneuver around obstacles. Contact us today to get started.

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Sales Tips to Help Your Insurance Business Thrive

Check out these sales tips to help you succeed in insurance.

Insurance is primarily based on sales. You must be a good salesperson in order to be successful in the insurance industry. However, it doesn’t hurt to brush up on your sales skills. Check out these sale techniques to help you succeed as an insurance agent.

Listening is Key.

When it comes to assisting your clients with their insurance needs, it’s important that you understand what they need. Talk to your clients and allow them to explain their lifestyle, budget requirements, and coverage needs. That way you’re better able to tailor the product to their specific needs, which can help you secure a sale.

Offer Suggestions.

Not only is it important to listen, but when you listen you’re armed with the information that you need to make coverage recommendations for your clients. That way you have an opportunity to sell a product that your client may not have thought of yet is pertinent to their lifestyle.

Be a Resource.

When it comes to selling insurance, it’s important that you’re knowledgeable. Insurance is confusing, but with your expertise your clients will keep coming back. Ensure that you provide excellent service so that your clients keep returning. When you establish yourself as an authority, you provide a valuable service that your clients will seek out.


It’s important that you network. You never know who you might meet. When you network, you expand your professional sphere. Take advantage of trade shows, alumni events, local business groups, and even PTA meetings. The more connections you make, the better your chances of establishing a lead.

Ensure that you have the right resources that you need to succeed as an insurance agent. With the right tools and guidance from Advantage Partners Network, your insurance agency can take off. A professional hand in pointing agents in the right direction allows your business to perfect procedures and maneuver around obstacles. Contact us today to get started.

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Thinking of Using the Cloud? Find Out What to Know About the Cloud and Your Business

Keep your digital data secure and find out if using the Cloud is the right move for your business.

When it comes to your insurance agency, it’s important that you have the tools that you need to protect your information. In the insurance industry, you have access to lots of sensitive information. Storing such data safely is important. However, with the latest technology, the Cloud makes saving data all the easier. But, should your agency use the Cloud? Check out these tips to help you decide what’s best for your agency.

Protects from Data Loss.

When you store information on the Cloud, you can access your files from virtually anywhere. In the event of a disaster, your digital data will be safe, therefore allowing more efficient business continuity. That way you can continue to service your client’s needs with minimal disruption.

Increased Security.

When it comes to using the Cloud, it’s important that you stay up on the latest security systems for your business. You need the latest security software to use the Cloud, therefore helping to improve your security measures. From anti-virus programs to backing up your data, using the Cloud helps you to keep your digital data more secure.

Fosters Growth Opportunity.

When it comes to building your business, it’s important that your business can support growth. Using the Cloud allows you to make the necessary adjustments to increase your IT capacity quickly and efficiently. The Cloud provides you with the support that you need to grow quickly and productively.

Protect your insurance agency from a data breach by making the right decisions for your data. With the right tools and guidance from Advantage Partners Network, your insurance agency can take off. A professional hand in pointing agents in the right direction allows your business to perfect procedures and maneuver around obstacles. Contact us today to get started.

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Tips to Improve Productivity

Achieve high team productivity with simple tips! 

Every business wants a team of productive staff. However, successfully running a productive team can be a very challenging task. The best companies in the world (Apple and Google, to name a couple) are successful because they build on incredible teams. So, if you’re a team leader, you may feel like a huge weight has been put on your shoulders. Here, we tackle how to best excel team management for productivity.

Work on communication

Communication is the most important thing that a team can have. Without proper communication, problems arise and are never resolved. Connect with your team on a personal and professional level so that you can get better at communicating with your staff and so that they feel comfortable approaching you with problems and concerns.

Take breaks

You’re never going to be well-liked if you force your team to pull more hours of continual work. We’re all humans, and breaks are necessary if you want to stay focused. Encourage breaks to make sure that your team is getting enough downtime so that they head back to their desks refreshed.

Set goals

Without goals, your team will go nowhere. Bear in mind that these goals should be realistic! If people can work towards an achievable goal, they’re more likely to shift into gear.

Appreciate your team

Congratulate team members on meeting certain goals so that they get the recognition that they deserve. In the long run, they will feel appreciated and won’t go looking for other work.

With quality management and a fully-trained team, your business can thrive! For more tips on how to improve your business, join the independent insurance agent network, Advantage Partners Network today!

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