Find out how to best sell insurance based on value instead of the dollar amount.

Almost anyone can sell insurance on price alone. However, when it comes to educating the public about the value of insurance, many agents struggle. A professional insurance salesperson must be able to connect with prospects and help them understand why insurance is so valuable. It helps to convince them to purchase higher than the state minimum limits. Even though many customers will look at the bottom dollar figure before agreeing to a policy, there are some easy ways to sell insurance based on value.

Talk about claims. When shoppers come to you for a quote, they’re only focused on one thing – the price. It’s your job to make them recognize the fact that they’re making a decision about more than just their outgoing monthly premium. Explain the claims process and how your agency helps guide customers through it as smoothly as possible. Find ways to talk about claims, as it’s the best way to get people thinking outside the price box.

Educate your prospects. No matter what your potential customers tell you, most of them don’t understand how insurance works. If you can explain it to them politely, you’re already providing an incredible amount of value. Clients like to work with professionals. Take the time to make them feel comfortable about their policy, defining terminology and industry-based terms.

Ask about communication preferences. During your sales conversation, ask your prospect how they like to communicate with companies. Once you understand whether they prefer emails, calls, face-to-face meetings, or text messages, you can frame the benefits of your agency around that. Make sure your prospect knows that you’ll be there to communicate with them in the way that fits their life.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out in the industry, Advantage Partners Network is here to help. With top commissions, competitive carriers, profit sharing, and 100 percent agent ownership, we help your agency achieve greater success. Get started by joining Advantage Partners Network! For more information, give us a call today.

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Looking to Further Your Success as an Agent? Learn How an Insurance Agency Network Can Help

Determine why an insurance agency network can benefit you.

While individualism has its benefits, it’s important to work well as a team. Teamwork provides the necessary support to help you accomplish your goals. The same is true when it comes to the insurance industry. Joining an insurance agency network can help to benefit your success as an agent. Here are a few reasons why it can benefit you.

Access to Resources.

As an independent insurance agent, you have the ability to work with various insurance carriers. However, when going it alone, it can be difficult to negotiate the right contracts with carriers so that you can sell their coverage. When you work with an agency network, you have access to these carriers. You’re therefore better able to generate business.

Competitive Commissions.

When it comes to working with an insurance agency network, you’re able to benefit from the commission. You’re often able to receive higher commissions when working through a network than you would on your own. Because you’re part of a larger group, you’re able to benefit from their established presence within the industry. Therefore, you’re likely to have access to higher commission rates.

Availability of Assistance.

When you are part of a larger network, you have access to all their resources. Unlike remaining independent, you’re able to benefit from trainings and information provided to larger networks. From specialized product training to learning about the latest products and services, joining a network offers a variety of benefits for your business success.

Ensure that you succeed in your business endeavors with the right support. With the right tools and guidance from Advantage Partners Network, your insurance agency can take off. A professional hand in pointing agents in the right direction allows your business to perfect procedures and maneuver around obstacles. Contact us today to get started.


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Tips to Grow Your Insurance Agency

Easy ways to grow your insurance agency organically.  

Whether you’re just starting out in the insurance industry or you’ve been active for several years, growing your business is at the forefront of any agent’s mind. While you may have a few methods to generate business that you rely on, you may be missing out on some valuable opportunities.

To help boost your business check out these tips!

Schedule a seminar. Getting people together to listen to the importance of life insurance is a great way to generate clients. For example, a retirement planning seminar is a great way to get people interested in life insurance. Use story-selling techniques to drive home the importance of owning a life insurance policy.

Try a fun marketing campaign. Believe it or not, but marketing can be fun! One of the best tips to grow an insurance business is to have fun while doing it. Insurance can be a serious subject, so it’s nice to appeal to people through emotion as well as fun. Utilize local radio shows and newspapers in your campaign to get your local community involved.

Leverage existing customers. While it’s important to attract new customers, keeping current clients happy is just as important. Find out which term policies are about to expire, or check in to see if a major life event has them looking at additional coverage. Offer your expertise and assistance to help them find new or supplemental coverage. If you sell multiple types of insurance, look for cross-selling opportunities. Always stay in touch with your current customers and stay up to date on their ever-changing life insurance needs

Request referrals. If your customers like and trust your service, they’ll be an ideal person to spread good word of mouth for your services. These people will be more willing to pass on your information to friends and family if they have enjoyed their experience working with you. Email your current clients asking for referrals – you can even offer a reward!

By utilizing a mix of marketing tools to enhance your insurance business, you’ll increase your likelihood of reaching new prospects while maintaining relationships with existing customers.

Start on your career as a life insurance agent. With the right tools and guidance from Advantage Partners Network, your insurance agency can take off. A professional hand in pointing agents in the right direction allows your business to perfect procedures and maneuver around obstacles. Contact us today to get started.

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Essential Office Supplies for Your Insurance Agency

How to build up your insurance agency – starting with the office!

The paint is fresh, and the sign is new – you’re about to open up your insurance agency. Your staff feels good about the training that they’ve received from the independent insurance agent network. Your new agency is off to a great start!

Having the big things in place (like employees and training) are critical. However, the smaller, often forgotten about items, should be on your list, too. While the humble paperclip may seem inconsequential, simple items are vital to keep your agency running efficiently.

To give you a run down of what your agency should start with – even before opening the doors – here is a nifty list!

Items to buy in bulk: 

  • Paper (be kind to the environment and buy recycled paper)
  • Envelopes
  • File folders
  • Ink and toner
  • Legal pads for note-taking
  • Pens and highlighters
  • Staples and paper clips
  • Sticky notes
  • Calculator

Office essentials: 

  • Desk or wall calendar to schedule team meetings or client calls
  • File sorter
  • Shredder
  • Stapler
  • Filing cabinet system
  • TV screen or projector for the conference room

Everything from having the right notes at the right time to joining an independent insurance agent network can benefit your business. Get started by joining Advantage Partners Network today. Learn more about how we can help you and your agency.

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Does Your Agency Need Cyber Liability Insurance?

Cyber liability insurance can protect your agency network.

With the rise of technology comes a growing risk of data breaches and cyber liability lawsuits. While you may think your computers are safe behind locked doors, this is entirely a costly misconception that many in the agency network industry make.

What’s the Risk?

Skilled hackers and crackers are now able to tap into devices within seconds, gaining instant access to sensitive data, emails, online bank accounts, employee records – the lot. The more you rely on your smartphone, tablet, and computers to store information digitally, the more vulnerable you, your agency, and the data.

As an insurance agency, you hold sensitive information from clients. From Social Security numbers to employee data, your business is responsible for safeguarding plenty of important data. If that information falls into the wrong hands, you could lose the business of your clients and the trust of employees.

How Can I Implement Security?

  • On computers and all phones, enable a PIN code that must be entered at start-up.
  • Set another passcode or PIN that must be used to access private folders or software.
  • Use secure apps and folders with an added key lock code or encryption software for extremely sensitive data.
  • Teach employees to never click on suspicious links or open up emails that look like spam.
  • Never save login information on bank account apps or Payroll.
  • Safeguard client’s information by only allowing certain access.
  • Limit the number of people who can access important data.
  • Take out Cyber Liability Insurance!

Insurance agencies deal with client’s private information, which is highly targeted by the cyber thieves of the common day. With the proper solutions in place, you’re in a good position to grow! For more tips on agency network solutions, contact the professionals at Advantage Partners Network today!

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How to Keep Your Clients Happy

Top tips on how to satisfy your customers.

For any company, satisfied customers are the holy grail. If your customers feel happy about your business and services or product, they’re likely to be repeat buyers. In addition, content clients are also vocal advocates for your company’s services to other potential clients. These people’s satisfaction is directly linked to your business’ success. So, how do you satisfy your customers?

If you want some top tips on how to keep your customers happy, read on!

Align your pricing to the perceived value to the customer.
If your product or service has a sky-high price tag but is worth half the price to the client, you’ll need to reassess your costs. Clients are much more likely to feel happy when they feel that they have got the best bang for their buck.

Skip stretching the truth.
When you know that the client won’t get the low price that they want, don’t give them false hope, only to be let down when the final quote comes in. An experience like this is sure to leave a sour taste in their mouths. When a client is faced with disappointment before they even begin to start enjoying your services, it’s unlikely that they’ll recommend you – or even come back!

Listen to what your customers want.
Dialogue is important to land clients; listening is how to keep them! Take into account what you need to change or update when you hear feedback from customers, and then follow through. Your customers are the lifeblood of your organization, and not dealing with a reasonable request could cause resentment.

Satisfying your customer should always be simple: it’s all about accurately managing the customer’s expectation and experience.

This is where the network insurance agency comes into play! Advantage Partners Network can guide independent insurance agents in boosting their business as well as maneuvering around tricky obstacles and reviewing options. A professional hand in pointing agents in the right direction is incredibly valuable. Contact us today to get started.

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Is Your Small Business Ready for the Grand Opening?

Get your insurance agency ready for opening day! 

From the concept to the business plans to installing the computers, you’ve nursed your business along the whole way. Now that it’s time for opening, you’ll want to be sure that you’ve done enough to set your business up for success. The cost of putting up a brick-and-mortar business is huge, and you’ll need to get your small business ready for opening – before you open the doors!

Get your website together. 

Plenty of businesses, even today, have sloppy or unprofessional websites or lack a social media presence. Technology is incredibly important in today’s society, and it’s a sure way to get your business out there. Take advantage of easy advertising on social media and capturing a large audience with a website by updating your pages today!

Get promoting. 

Now that your website and social media have stepped into the 21st century, it’s time to get the word out about the opening of your business. Small businesses must work hard to tell the general public of their services and product, and invite them into the office for the grand opening. Welcoming potential clients face to face is much more successful than writing ‘We’re open!’ on Facebook.

Get the equipment together. 

Do your employees have everything they need to make the business run smoothly? When it comes to opening day, you don’t want to be lacking paper bags, pens, or an Internet connection. Check and then double-check that you have everything in place before opening the doors. To protect all of your financial investments, secure the right business insurance for your company!

Don’t waste valuable time searching for the right insurance coverage. Start on your career as a life insurance agent. With the right tools and guidance from Advantage Partners Network, your insurance agency can take off. A professional hand in pointing agents in the right direction allows your business to perfect procedures and maneuver around obstacles. Contact us today to get started.

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What Millennials Need to Know About Life Insurance

Millennials, use this knowledge to your advantage when deciding on life insurance.

There’s no doubt that the Millennial generation is changing everything we know. From how we do business to where we do business to how we communicate, Millennials know a thing or two about advancing us forward. However, there is one area in which they severely lack knowledge: life insurance. Many 18 to 30-year-olds are under the misconception that only older people need this coverage. This simply isn’t true and can help them to protect their lives more than they may realize.

As an insurer, make sure that your millennial client understands the need of life insurance. Check out what your clients should note before dismissing life insurance coverage.

It is Multipurpose

Life insurance covers several expenses your family might deal with, both in the long-term and immediately after your death. Different areas with which life insurance can help include:

  • Covering the absence of your income
  • Funeral and memorial costs
  • Enables your beneficiaries to hire people for services that you provided
  • College fees for your kids
  • Paying off bills such as credit card debt, your mortgage, etc.

A Policy to Suit Your Needs

Another thing you should know about life insurance is that there are two main types: term and whole. Term insurance is the simplest and less expensive of the two, while also being the most widely available. It covers you for a set period. Whole life insurance covers you for your entire life and comes with a savings mechanism called ‘cash value,’ which assures that your policy stays in perpetuity.

Lock in Low Rates

Experts always advise getting term insurance before turning 30 because it costs less the younger the person is. Generally, those in their youth are in better health and have a decreased risk of sudden death. Similarly, when someone ages, their health declines, but their life insurance premiums raise. For the best rate, be sure to lock it in early.

Advantage Partners Network can guide independent insurance agents in boosting their business offering training to sell to clients with money on the mind. A professional hand in pointing agents in the right direction is incredibly valuable. Contact us today to get started.

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Should You Join an Insurance Agency Network?

Make the right step forward for your business by joining a reliable network.

Are you an insurance agent looking to achieve your top potential? In a society of competition, it’s important to stand out with the best customer service and the right product. As your trusted resource for access to agency appointments and major markets, Advantage Partners Network works with you to achieve success. For every agent, there are plenty of benefits of joining Advantage Partners Network!

With our insurance agency network, independent insurance agents are able to achieve greater achievements more easily. You’re able to access the top insurance carrier markets to build your client base, and you can easily retain your valued customers with the use of our resources and training.

If you’re looking for a network that will provide your business with better benefits, no fees, and bonuses, check out the benefits of joining Advantage Partners Network!

  • Increase and maintain your agency’s independence. You own 100 percent of the business written.
  • Continuously increase your agency’s value and income.
  • Ability to connect and represent the most competitive mainstream carriers.
  • There are no up-front costs, long-term contracts, or fees required.
  • You have the ability to earn incentives, bonuses and carrier profit sharing.
  • Access to business consulting and training to excel your knowledge.
  • Access to both personal and commercial insurance lines so that you can expand your range of customers.
  • Agency continuation support and exit planning support.

From top commissions, competitive carriers, to profit sharing, and 100 percent agent ownership, Advantage Partners Network is designed to aid your business to achieve greater success.

Are you ready to boost your business? Get started by joining Advantage Partners Network! For more information, give us a call today.

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What Are Insurance Clients Looking For?

Find your next insurance client by understanding what it is they truly want.

As with any industry, knowing your market is a must. Even if you don’t know the first thing about insurance, you can still make a successful insurance agency (although, knowledge sure does help). First and foremost, you need to understand your client. Insurance clients are a unique market – they know they need insurance, and most of them want to purchase full coverage policies. However, many of them don’t. To close sales, get more leads, and boost your insurance agency business, you’ll need to understand what it is they want.

The Millennial Generation
Millennials grew up with computers and want to buy through computers. In essence, they want accessible, easy to find, affordable coverage. As this generation often thinks they are invincible, they may not be willing to purchase complete coverage. Perhaps they opt for just the bare minimum auto insurance that will ensure they are legal on the roads, or they’ll skip life insurance altogether because they have no dependents. Either way, don’t be surprised if Millennials don’t jump for total coverage.

While many agencies believe that Millennials don’t value independent insurance agencies, it is only because they don’t understand the benefits. This generation, just like the Baby Boomer clients, wants a relationship. To capture and sustain these clients, your agency will have to start making the most of technology. Let’s face it, it’s not going away, and it’s going to become even more a part of everything we do.

Online Quotes
The ability to provide an online quote is essential to competing with online direct writers. When someone, whatever age they are, shops online for insurance, they want to see the numbers – whether that’s coverage amounts or monthly expenses. An online quote provides a ballpark figure for the client so that they know if they can afford your policies or not. It allows the customer to compare prices and policies without picking up the phone or visiting an office. When buying a policy they must have by law, many people want to make this a quick and painless process, without wasting too much time or effort on it. Not only is instant online quoting incredibly valuable to save time for customers, but it is becoming more critical for insurance agencies to provide.

Bear in mind that these instances are about the average consumer. You may be lucky enough to get a life-long customer who wants the elite coverage from head to toe. But until you get a bundle of clients like that, always work towards understanding what your market wants from you!

With the right tools and guidance from Advantage Partners Network, your insurance agency can take off. A professional hand in pointing agents in the right direction allows your business to perfect procedures and manoeuvre around obstacles. Contact us today to get started.

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