When your profession involves providing individuals and businesses with unmatched insurance solutions, it is wise to take the independent insurance route. Despite popular belief, independent insurance agents are able to provide consumers with a wide range of benefits that agents of mainstream carriers are not able to offer, making your profession much more rewarding. The benefits independent insurance agencies provide include:

  • When you work for an independent insurance agency, you can provide your customers with more choices, which inherently means happier clients. Since you do not answer to one insurance company, you can help your clients find the best policy to meet their needs by scanning available policies offered by the mainstream carriers you have established relationships with.
  • Likewise, you will be able to help your clients find policies that meet their financial needs as well. Since you can offer your clients the opportunity to save money, you have the upper hand in closing deals and making insurance dreams come true.
  • As an independent insurance agent, you have the luxury to make long term connections and relationships with your clients. This means that you can offer unparalleled customer service to your clients in combination with customized policies at an affordable rate. You will have time to guide them through the claims process and schedule annual policy reviews, enhancing the client-agent experience.
  • Most importantly, as an independent insurance agent you can give your clients unbiased advice. This is because you are not only selling the products of one insurance company. Taking the independent route allows you to have your clients’ best interests in mind at all times.


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