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Get in Front of Insurance Prospects

Five Ways to Get in Front of Insurance Prospects

Appeal and attract the right insurance prospects for your agency.

It’s true that no matter what you sell, you have to put yourself out there. As a business, agency, or agent, you have to win the trust and respect of your customers before they hand over a cent. When you’re looking to get in front of insurance prospects for your agency, choose one (or several) of these top ways.

Join a good networking group. Think of a volunteer position relating to school, Church, or the community. Aim to join a personal networking group that is broad and not business-based. You want to get your face and name in front of more local people, but not in the standard sales way. In the end, people do business with people they know.

Create a short video and share it on social media. Answer a common question such as, ‘how can I save money on auto insurance for my teenage driver?’ or ‘what are the best ways to lower my insurance premium?’ Keep the video short, concise, and helpful! Sharing it on social media will help you reach friends, friends of friends, and those in need!

Follow up. What good are quotes if you never follow them up? Call everyone you’ve run a quote for in the past week that hasn’t replied. Talk them through the policy, and answer any questions they may have at this stage.

Post a photo of yourself or your team on Facebook. Photos increase engagement and get more reach! Always add on a call-to-action in the post, too.

Join the right insurance network. By joining an insurance network, you get the resources, materials, and advice that your agency needs to thrive. Advantage Partners Network is designed to aid your business to achieve greater success. From selling auto insurance to employee training, we help you to get your business going. Get started by joining us today! For more information, give us a call.

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