12Apr, 2018 0

What it means to be an Independent Insurance Agent

Insurance agents are employees that are agents that sell products to people. The products can be property insurance, casualty insurance, life insurance, healthcare insurance, disability insurance and casualty insurance. Other products they can sell are financial products. Insurance Agents are usually working for a company that provides them with the information and products. They only…

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20Mar, 2018 0

Interesting Trivia and Facts About the Insurance industry

There are so many facts surrounding the insurance industry that aren’t common knowledge (both to customers and independent insurance agents). Here are interesting”did you know” trivia and facts¬†about the insurance industry we gathered. By paying your auto insurance premiums annually rather than by each month you will lower the premiums you have to pay by…

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26Feb, 2018 0

Top 5 Best Selling Types of Insurance

Insurance coverage is essential because you are protected from various types of damage. Insurance agents deal with the sale of the different insurance types. As an insurance agent, you may face stiff competition in this industry. You should stay positive and employ methods that will see you outsmart other agents. One thing you can do…

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